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Coaches Corner

We are proud of our dedicated coaches who share their passion for and knowledge of the game with our players.  Each fully understands and respects the privilege of working with our players, and is deeply committed to honoring the traditions and values of the great team sport of lacrosse.  Should you have experience in the game and be interested in joining our coaching ranks, please e-mail us at president@coyoteslax.org.

Coach certification requirements

All coaches must comply with NCJLA registration and compliance standards, and complete the following in order to receive their certification and coach badge which must be worn at all games:

  1. US Lacrosse membership current
  2. US Lacrosse Level 1 online course (or "in person" US Lacrosse Level 1 Course) (1 time only)*
    *Starting in the 2018 Spring season all new coaches (that have never coached in the NCJLA) will be required to take and successfully pass Developing Individual Athletes instead of the US Lacrosse Level 1 Course.
  3. US Lacrosse Rules Test (must take annually and pass after Dec 1 when the test is available for the upcoming season). 
  4. PCA online course or workshop (1 time only)
  5. Concussion Certificate (Annually).
  6. Cleared background check (bi-annual requirement)
  7. ​​Signed  Coaches Code of Conduct (Coaches Code of Conduct)

Full details are available at the Coaches Corner at NCJLA website , including links to the online courses.  Our club Coach Administrator with respective Boys’ and Girls’ Directors will work to ensure 100% compliance among our coaches.  When coaches complete steps 1-3 above, they should proceed to registration site of the Coyotes site and complete the Coach Registration module.

Club Policies

Coaches should review the policies of the club on the web site and be familiar with all such policies.  In addition to signing the Coaches Code of Conduct, coaches should review the Player and Parent Code of Contents in the context of setting expectations at pre-season team meetings.

NCJLA web site

The NCJLA web site has an abundance of information for coaches, including resources for drills as well as scheduling information, and a variety of administrative detail in the Operations Guide  at the web site.  Rules by division can be found at the site as well in the Documents section, click here to view. All coaches should acquaint themselves with the site.