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2018 Fall Ball Information

Fall Ball is a great introduction for new players to lacrosse and their parents. This program gives your player a terrific opportunity to test out a new sport to see if they are interested in playing lacrosse during the primary spring season.

It is also great for returning players to get back on the field and hone their skills.


Boys - New Players
Since protective equipment for lacrosse is expensive, we ask that the boys just come with lacrosse sticks and a mouthguard.  We will have some extra sticks on hand as well. If you would like to purchase gear, check out Sling It Lacrosse, Belmont    https://www.slingitlacrosse.com/Articles.asp?ID=290  They offer starter packs and will help you get the correct fitting gear.

Boys - Returning Players
Full Gear is Required.

Each girl will need a stick, eye mask goggles, and a mouthguard.  We will have some extra sticks and eye guards on hand for the new players.

All players will not be allowed on the field without a mouthguard.