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Other Policies

Financial Aid Policy

No player will not play Coyotes Lacrosse due to financial circumstances.  Please contact for all financial aid inquiries.


Request for refunds will be granted (less a $50 non-refundable fee) if the request is received in writing by the President or Club Administrator by the deadline prescribed as part of each program’s registration communication.

Play Up/Down Requests

Players should play at the age level designated by the NCJLA cut-off dates.  In very rare instances, exceptions will be made, but such decisions will not be made lightly. The most common exceptions will occur with a combination of the below factors:

A player has already played 2 years or more at a certain age group.

The player’s parent is a coach needed at the next age level.

The player barely misses a cut-off and as a result, will be playing with players, not in his/her grade (often a particular consideration for 8th graders preparing for High School lacrosse).

Should a player be moving up an age bracket, the "playing up" player should be at least in the top third of the higher level team in terms of skill and ability.  If several players all want to move up then it would be better to all stay at grade level and enjoy a dominant season.