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Our Lacrosse Philosophy

Three components will distinguish team sport athletes, enable great success and are central to our approach at Coyotes Lacrosse:

Develop strong fundamental lacrosse skills

Our goal is to introduce you to the basic skills required to play lacrosse.  Our responsibility is to teach these fundamentals properly.  It is the player’s responsibility to contribute their best effort at all practices, games and event, as well as to practice relentlessly, and on your own, not just at practice. 

Encourage true teamwork

The precocious player may blow by multiple opposing players, leading his team to near-term glory, but at what long-term cost?  At the next age level, neither the precocious player nor those of his teammates who bothered to stick around should expect similar outcomes.  Unabashed trust in all teammates and unselfish play are the keys to success.

Those who pass up the good shot and pass to the teammate for the higher percentage great shot will ultimately be rewarded!  If the ball is dropped but the proper choice is made, the team is on the right course….as is the player who learned the importance of teambuilding and teamwork.

Emphasize that character, integrity and sportsmanship will ultimately define success

The Coyotes Code of Conduct defines certain expectations around behavior.  For those that want to excel in lacrosse and life, they will not simply abide by these standards, but challenge themselves to far exceed these expectations.

To further acquaint yourself with what shapes our approach, and what we hope to achieve in the development of our Coyotes Lacrosse players, we encourage you to review with your players each of the following:

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